The following events will be held in order to increase recognizability of wine culture during YereWineDays campaign:

1․ Yerevan Wine Days festival (June 2-4)

© Yerevan Wine Days festival — an event that helps present the importance of Armenian wine and win tourism and the whole palette, conveys the warmest emotions and has a major place in the development of tourism in Armenia — has been held for the past 7 consecutive years. Since 2017, several major streets of Yerevan have been filled with warmth, positive vibes, music, surrounded by lights and the laughter of people who are a tad drunk, serving as a unique meeting place for wine lovers and winemakers.

Nearly 70 winemaking companies of Armenia and 30 food booths are represented at the festival, and they all ensure the mood and leisure at the festival. Entrance is free.

In 2022, ©Yerevan Wine Days festival was recognized as the Event of the Year at Wine Travel Awards 2021-2022. The awards ceremony was held on the sidelines of London Wine Fair, during which the award was granted.

In 2023, Yerevan Wine Days will be held on June 2-4 in the area of Saryan, Moskovian and Tumanyan Streets.

2. Restaurant Week campaign (May 29-June 4)

As a part of the © Yerevan Wine Days community, the participating restaurants will offer special menus, and wine will be served on the house.

3․ Master classes for focus groups (May 29-June 1)

Wine and gastro master classes will be held with focus groups and will mainly be designed for representatives of HoReCa, young winemakers, wine lovers and chefs. The aim is to share the international practice with young or new Armenian specialists.

The master classes will be held by international experts.

4․ Charity dinner (May 29-June 1)

The dinners will be for 25-40 persons and will be held by guest oenologists or sommeliers from abroad, and they will actually prepare the special combined menu featuring wines and food. There will also be a wine master class, featuring the historical backgrounds of all wines. All proceeds from the dinners will be used to help educate youth in borderline areas about wine.

5․ Supermarkets campaign (May 29-June 1)

As a part of the campaign, Armenian wine promo-campaigns will be held at supermarket chains on the sidelines of ©Yerevan Wine Days.

6․ WineandGastro Show (June 2-4)

One of the major missions of Yerevan Wine Days is to educate the public about wine culture. The conduct of wine classes was introduced for the first time in Armenia during the festival in 2021. We made the successful attempt again in 2022.

During Yerevan Wine Days 2023, Armenian and international oenologists will hold wine classes on a specially furnished stage. They will talk about the right combination of wine and food, the right selection of wine glasses, the endemic sorts of grapes and more. There will be wine tastings during the wine classes.

There will also be Gastro Shows held by international and Armenian chefs, as well as a series of presentations under the title “Genetic Code of Wine”.

A one-of-a-kind audio theatre contributing to the dissemination of wine culture will be held for the first time ever, with romantic modulations and serving of wine.

The presentations in the Wine and Gastro Show zone will be held 5-7 times a day, in 3 languages (Armenian, English and Russian).

If you buy the ticket online, you have the chance to:

  • pay only AMD 1000, AMD 2000 on the spot or instead of 8 coupons;
  • participate in a free wine or food tasting;
  • participate in an unprecedented and interactive audio theater;
  • attend one preferred show from 5-7 shows on any of the 3 days;
  • be introduced to the agenda early and have a clear picture of the hours of courses of the preferred speakers.

Seating will be on a “first come, first serve” basis.

If there are not enough seats, you will either wait for the next course and wait in line for a seat, or enjoy the course while standing within the zone.

A few days before Yerevan Wine Days, you can make group reservations for a specific course. Enough seats will be guaranteed.

You can only enter the booth with the branded wine glasses of Yerevan Wine Days. You can get the wine glasses on the spot, in a booth or come to the festival with the branded wine glasses of the past years. The wine glasses will be sold for AMD 4000 on the spot.

7․ Centralized booth for purchase and delivery of wines (June 2-4)

During the event, there will be a centralized booth for purchase and delivery of wines where visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of wines to be showcased during the festival, make purchases on the spot or order delivery. The aim is to ensure super sales for winemakers.

8․ Specialized Wine Expo (June 2-4)

This year, something new is coming…Winemakers will not only participate in the festival, but they will also be represented at PROFESSIONAL WINE EXPO during Yerevan Wine Days, near the main festival – on Moskovian Street.

The main purpose is to make Armenian wines popular and promote the export of Armenian wines. The business visitors of ©Yerevan Wine Dayas will be provided with the opportunity to taste the selected wines and have the chance to speak to the specialists of winemaking companies in a more specialized environment, as well as buy exclusively bottled wines. This platform may also serve as the best way for the establishment of B2B collaborations. Entrance is FREE