CORPORATE OFFER Wine Enjoyment Package

To enjoy wine on the "Wine Days of Yerevan," you need to purchase a special "Package of Wine Enjoyment".

The package includes: A branded glass, a branded case for a glass, 12 tickets, a raffle ticket, an information booklet with:

  • discounts from restaurants,
  • information about wines in the form of a QR code,
  • special offers from the main sponsor and other partners.

This offer is most suitable for companies that want to give a gift to their employees and order a large quantity of Wine Enjoyment Packages at once.

If you want to make a gift to employees now, you can use our GIFT CARD, which we deliver to the specified address within 3-7 days from the moment of confirmation of purchase until June 5. And the employees receive the “Package of Wine Enjoyment” in the pre-sale pavilions.

  • The deadline for ordering is JUNE 1.

         ✅ The order is considered confirmed ONLY after payment.

         ✅ You can pay in two ways: cash and cashless. When paying in cash, a contract confirming payment is signed. When delivering parcels, a cash register             is provided. In the case of non-cash payment, an invoice is issued based on your details.

  • The deadline for deliveries is JUNE 5.

        ✅ Delivery will be FREE and will take place from June 1 to June 5. Packages are not available until this moment.

        ✅ Discounted prices are indicated for 1 package of wine enjoyment.

  • All prices include taxes.


To use and book this corporate offer, call 091 261374 or email

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