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As one of the leaders in the field, Acba, in association with the Visa system, always introduces innovative solutions in the Armenian market, including NFC, ApplePay and GooglePay, Acba Max, Acba SoftPos solutions, Visa Digital cards, etc.

Acba has 64 branches in all provinces of Armenia and in Yerevan, as well as over 190 ATMs across the Republic of Armenia. Most of the Bank’s services are available via the acba digital app, which is constantly updated with innovative solutions.

This year, all customers of Acba have the opportunity to purchase tickets to Yerevan Wine Days via the acba digital app with a 30% discount, while Acba’s Visa card holders can get their tickets with a 15% discount on

Make sure you come to Acba’s booth at the festival, test the virtual reality, and participate in an exciting draw.

If you present any Acba bank page in the wine package booklet at one of the Bank’s branches before June 30, 2023, you can get your preferred Visa card, with a 50% discount on the service charge for one year.

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