Matevosyan Wine


Matevosyan Vazgen Vahrami - founder, director of Matevosyan Wine Company

“Matevosyan Wine”company is a family wine production. Our factory was founded in 2001, in Aghavnadzor village, Vayots Dzor region which is considered to be the largest grape growing and processing center in the country and is famous for its grapes of Areni sort. The company owns vineyards which are located in the same village,1300-1400 meters above sea level. We produce only natural wines (red dry wine, red semi-dry wine, red semi-sweet wine, white dry wine , semi-sweet, semi-dry and dry pomegranate wines).The pomegranate wine is produced according to the unique technology of the Matevosyans from the pomegranate ultivated in Meghri orchards, the most southern region of Armenia.  The company uses traditional methods and modern facilities in the wine production. Our company has earned the image of high-quality wine producer and customer loyalty on the Armenian and foreign market. We export our products to Poland, Russia, Canada and Lebanon.