Wine House


Director of Wine House: Agnessa Samvelyan

Wine House LLC was established in 2011. Back in 2003, the founder of the company, Garush Samvelyan, laid vineyards in the village of Aghdzk in the Aragatsotn region of Armenia, where exclusively autochthonous Armenian grape varieties such as Voskeat, Muscat, Kakhet (Milagh), Haghtanak are cultivated. The goal of our company is to produce high-quality wines from Armenian local grape varieties using traditional techniques of ancient Armenian winemaking combined with modern French methods. “Wine House” LLC produces three brands:

  1. Sarduri: named after the Van king Sarduri II, during whose reign viticulture and winemaking reached the highest level.
  2. Samvelyan: three generations in winemaking over 100 years of experience, knowledge, achievements and science are collected in each bottle.

3. Old vine: old vine, emphasizes Armenian grapes.