"Meta Wine Days"

“Meta Wine Fest” is a visually simulated 3D platform for the event of the real wine festival “Yerevan Wine Days”. Here, as much as possible, the colorful elements of the city and the festival are presented. It is the first virtual eno-gastronomic festival of its kind in the region.
The main goal of “Meta Wine Fest” is to promote Armenian wine, winemaking, and wine tourism in the new era of Metaverse.
The Virtual Wine Days provides an opportunity for foreign wine suppliers, travel companies, gastro tourism representatives, and in general, all those who are interested in Armenia, Armenian wine, to participate in “Yerevan Wine Days”. It makes the whole process of the festival expo available to the visitors, moreover, it allows them to get acquainted with the tourism and wine business opportunities of Armenia.
The festival is organized by the “EventToura” company.

© Single days are left for the Yerevan Wine Days Hurry up!

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