During the “YereWine Campaign”, aimed at raising awareness of wine culture, the following events will be held:

1“Yerevan Wine Days” festival (June 7-9)

The “©Yerevan Wine Days” festival, representing the importance and the entire palette of Armenian wine and wine tourism, rewarding the warmest emotions, and occupying an important place in tourism development in Armenia, has been held for 7 years. Every year since 2017, several streets in the center of Yerevan are filled with warmth, positive emotions, and music, surrounded by lights and cheers of slightly drunken people, becoming a unique meeting place for wine lovers and wine makers.

The festival is a platform for more than 165 different enterprises, being a testament to Armenia’s rich winemaking, culinary, and business heritage. Around 80 Armenian winemaking companies and 30 food stalls are represented in the festival section, which, following one another, ensure the festival mood and happy entertainment. Entrance to the festival is free.

The “©Yerevan Wine Days” festival in 2022 was recognized as the event of the year within the framework of the international “Wine Travel Awards 2021-2022” award ceremony. The award ceremony occurred during the London Wine Fair, where the award was presented.

In 2024, the “Yerevan Wine Days” festival will take place from June 7 to 9 in the Saryan, Moskovyan, and Tumanyan streets.

2“Restaurant Days” campaign (from May 20 to June 20)

From May 20th through June 20th, as part of the “Yerevan Gastronomic Days”, the ‘Restaurant Days’ campaign will bring together Armenia’s restaurant community. Participating establishments will offer special ‘Set Menus’ along with a cocktail, inviting guests and locals alike to join in the country’s most delicious campaign.

Restaurant Month will give:

  • The opportunity to visit more than 100 restaurants within the “Restaurant Days”.
  • Discounts from 15%.
  • + 20% discount when ordering ARARAT Cherry cocktail or ARARAT Ani cognac
  • Special surprises for those who used the “Set Menu” the most.

3Master classes for focus groups (June 6-12)

  • As part of the YereWine campaign, renowned chefs from around the world will lead 3-4 masterclasses. These events are intended to foster the exchange of international expertise with Armenian specialists, enhancing their knowledge and skills.

4Gala dinner (June 11)

  • An exclusive dinner featuring a special menu will be organized as part of the ‘Yerevan Gastronomic Days 2024’ project. The culinary experience for the evening will be orchestrated by the renowned French-Armenian chef Alen Aleksanyan, who holds 2 Michelin stars. The event is charitable and the proceeds will be transferred to the French-Armenian Professional Training Center Foundation. The evening culminates in an art auction of exceptional art pieces.

5Yerevan Gastronomic Showns (June 7-9)

Gastronomic shows will be conducted by Armenian and international chefs, art historians, and other well-known specialists from related fields. Every day, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in 4-5 programs held in different languages: Armenian, English, French, and Russian. The variety of languages at the gastro-shows will ensure maximum coverage and engagement of the audience. The ‘Yerevan Gastronomic Show’ zone is located at the intersection of Moskovyan and Bagramyan streets. There will be two professionally equipped separate stages, each equipped with LED screens, lighting, modern sound systems, kitchen equipment, and other necessary materials. Additionally, a back-kitchen will operate.

During the “Gastronomic Shows,” there will be:

  • Masterclasses from wine experts,
  • Gastro shows from international chefs,
  • Tips for the right combination of food and drinks,
  • Tasting various dishes,
  • Tasting of wine and other alcoholic beverages.


6“Wine and more: Business market” (June 7-9)

This year, alongside the “Yerevan Wine Days” festival, EventToura is introducing a new project: “Wine and More: Business Market.”

At the Business Market, businesses involved in the production, export, or import of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will have the opportunity to meet in a professional setting and forge beneficial partnerships.

  • The business market offers significant benefits to various participants:
  • For Foreign and Armenian Beverage Producers,
  • For Foreign Beverage Distributors,
  • For International Business Representatives,
  • For Restaurateurs,

Companies that sell wine, drinks, and snacks can join and will have their booths for showing and selling their products.

Admission to the event is free for all visitors.