In 2023, for the first time ever, a WINE EXPO — EventToura’s new project — will take place as part of the YereWineDays campaign. In addition to the festival part of Yerevan Wine Days, winemakers will also be represented at the specialized wine expo.

The expo will take place on the sidelines of Yerevan Wine Days (June 2, 3 4) in the middle section of Moskovian Street (the part stretching from Spendiaryan Street to Zoryan Street).

The main aim of the Wine Expo is to establish a platform where any international business manufacturing products or providing services associated with the world of wine can meet with Armenian winemakers, exchange offers and establish beneficial cooperation in a professional environment. The specialized wine expo platform will best serve for fostering the exports of Armenian wines and B2B collaborations.

Entrance to the Expo is free for registered business visitors.

Registration will be free until June 2nd. Upon registration, visitors receive their personal badges, the colors of which vary according to the sphere of activity. The colors of badges vary, according to sphere of activity.


  • The venue for the exhibition is Moskovyan str., one of the central streets of Yerevan, i.e. it’s an outdoor expo. The Expo occupies a territory of 600 sq.m. with red carpets, cocktail tables and areas for negotiations. Up to 30 wine companies are represented in the large tented area. Entrance is free for the accredited visitors.
  • The exhibition will last three days from the 2nd to the 4th of June. The timings for the exhibition are from 16։00 to 22։00 GMT+4.


Business visitors may be foreign businessmen, particularly:

  1. Wine sales partners, distributors
  2. Various international businesses that can make any offer to a winemaker (i.e. equipment, food supplements, technological programs, etc.)
  3. Specialized wine organizations and oenologists, wine influencers
  4. Restorers
  5. Travel agencies
  6. Sector-specific media partners and bloggers


This exhibition will surely benefit the visitors who want to:

  • For wine distributors: discover new wine producers, their export capability, negotiate in terms of distribution
  • Any international business: offer any kind of services that can interest wine producers, e.g. technologies, equipment, software
  • Wine institutions: meet wine experts, taste the selected wines in well-equipped tasting rooms
  • Restaurateurs: replenish their wine menus with new Armenian wines
  • Tour agencies: find out new wine tourism destinations, and wineries that offer full packages of wine tours: tasting, visits, and lunches at vineyards, etc.
  • Media: reveal new stories in a new emerging market with endemic sorts of wine

*Note that business visitors have the chance to negotiate with wine producers DIRECTLY, without any intermediaries.


Nearly 30 Armenian wine-producing companies are represented at the Wine Expo. The relevant specialists of winemaking companies present the variety of wines, introduce interested business visitors to the opportunities for export and collaboration and lead negotiations with them. They can also talk about the history behind the wine factory and the origin of the particular wine’s name, after which they can lay the foundation for new collaboration with any wine blogger or media outlet.

Guided by the colors of the badges of business visitors, a winemaker may serve business visitors, according to their priorities.

The list of participating winemakers will be released soon. You can also follow our Facebook page.

If you are a wine producer, and if you are interested in participating, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to, or by calling us at 094848105 / 091264595 .

If you area business visitor, please registerhere .

In case you are interested in offers for sponsorship or partnership, you can view the “Become a Partner” section.