Gastro Zone

In this zone, you can combine wine with various unique foods, which will be more than 30 in number.

Wine Zone

There will A LOT OF wine — more than 70 Armenian producers will present over 500 wines.

Music Zone

This year, we will have a large and luminescent stage that will be located at the Tumanyan-Parpetsi intersection. Guests will enjoy very tasteful music performed by various bands.

Zone of Wine and Gastro shows

Wine classes, gastro shows, audio theater and a series of presentations entitled “The Genetic Code of Wine” will be held 5-7 times a day and in 3 languages (Armenian, English and Russian) in the Wine and Gastro Show zone.

If you buy the ticket online, you have the chance to:

– pay only AMD 1000, AMD 2000 on the spot or instead of 8 coupons;

– participate in a free wine or food tasting;

– participate in an unprecedented interactive audio theater;

– attend 5-7 shows of a preferred show on any of the 3 days;

– be introduced to the agenda early and have a clear picture of the hours of courses of the preferred speakers.

You will only be allowed to enter the booth with branded wine glasses of Yerevan Wine Days. You can get the wine glasses on the spot, in a booth or come to the festival with the branded wine glasses of the previous years. The wine glasses will be sold for AMD 4000 on the spot.

Seating will be on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Charity Zone

Since 2021, © Wine Days has been serving as a platform for several charitable companies and primarily companies that carry out their activities for the education and recovery of soldiers. At the event they present their manufactured goods and hold a fundraiser.


  • “Arpi Psychological Support” NGO
  • The Future is Now
  • Support to Wounded Soldiers
  • Smart Armenia Charity NGO
  • Aregak Bakery & Cafe


  • Insurance Foundation for Servicemen
  • 4090 Charity Foundation
  • Beauty By Soldiers
  • Smart Armenia Charity NGO
  • Rehabilitative City of Heroes
  • Aregak Bakery & Cafe

Big Screen

All the major events happening during the event, as well as the interviews and the participants’ flash mobs will be shown live on this screen.

Pavilions for Package selling

There will be up to 10 sales booths where “Enjoying Wine Packages”, coupons, separate wine glasses and wine bags will be on sale. There will also be special pre-sale booths for those who have received the“Wine Enjoying Package GIFT CARD” or have purchased the“Wine Enjoying Package” from theyerewinedays.amstore section.

"Yerevan Wine Days" souvenir and wine booth

The branded wines of Yerevan Wine Days, mementos, wine gift cards, branded wine bags, stickers, options for gifts and many other items will be on sale in this booth.

Wine delivery pavilion

All the wine booths will provide a service for delivery of the purchased wine to the buyers at the specified address in the course of a few days.

Few days left for ©Yerevan Wine Days Hurry Up!